A selection of frequently asked questions.

Acrobat Carbon Services specialises in creating and delivering carbon and energy efficiency based schemes for energy companies to help them achieve their obligations.

Am I tied into a contract rate and will I incur penalties for under delivering?

We will always encourage you to forecast your predicted submissions so that we have visibility on the measures coming in but will never penalise you for under or over delivery. There are no penalty clauses within our contracts and you aren’t tied in to a specific rate. This means that when we can offer a new deal or better rates you will be the first to know and we can adjust your contract accordingly.

Can we submit HHCRO measures with customer contributions?

Yes, customer contributions do not impact the way the HHCRO measures are funded so this is entirely between yourself as the installer and your customer. You do not need to make us aware of any agreements for customer contributions.

Can you accept measures with U-Value amends?

Yes, however you must ensure that the evidence to support these is quantifiable. Speak to our technical manager if you have any queries about U-Value amends.

Do you accept Virgin Lofts?

We accept Virgin Lofts through both funding streams (CERO and HHCRO) but we must support these submissions with genuine supporting evidence. Speak to our technical manager if you have any queries about Virgin Lofts.

Do you offer Boiler factoring?

We offer a ‘Boiler Purchase Scheme’ where we can purchase on your behalf, a range of Worcester Bosch boilers which are highly discounted. We then issue a requisition form which you can take along to your local merchant to collect the boiler/s or have them delivered however, this may incur additional charges. The cost will be deducted from the lifetime savings so that your cashflow is not impacted. Please call one of our team to discuss this scheme in more detail.

EST Data Match – Can you provide this?

We offer an Energy Savings Trust (EST) data match facility as part of our service, this usually takes up to a maximum of 7 days depending on the day you submit. You also have access to information on what the various statuses mean and more supporting information in your ‘partner information’ folder within your dedicated area on our secure server.

How much funding do you have in place?

We have funding contracts in place until September 2018 for HHCRO and CERO measures. We have had constant funding throughout ECO 1, ECO 2 and ECO 2t and are currently negotiating ECO 3.

I’m just starting out in ECO and need some help with compliance?

We have a team at hand to help! We pride ourselves on our approachability, always happy to talk through any areas you’re unsure about. We can even come to you to assist with your paperwork to get you on track.

What CERO measures do you accept?

We currently accept Room in Roof, Cavities, Virgin Loft, Loft Top ups, Underfloor Insulation and Solid Wall Insulation through CERO subject to funding availability.


What HHCRO measures do you accept?

We currently accept Qualifying Boilers, Cavity Wall insulation, Loft Top Ups, Room in Roof and Virgin Lofts through HHCRO subject to funding availability.

What happens when I submit a measure?

We provide 100% checks for measures. Our dedicated team check through each and every measure to ensure that we submit to the right funder, your measures are accepted and you get paid. This means any potential flags or issues will be raised before the measure is submitted to the funder. This way you will be able to rectify it and re-submit without incurring any delays in payments further down the line.

Which funders do you submit measures to?

We have agreements with a range of funders from the Big Six and can tailor your submissions to the right funder for your measure.

Who will look after my account?

You will be assigned a dedicated Delivery Manager who will always be your first point of contact and can guide you through the onboarding process and any queries thereafter. They will be in regular touch to check everything is going smoothly and to let you know of any updates to rates etc. You will also be given contacts for notifications, finance and compliance should you have any specific queries relating to these areas.

How do I upload measures?

We will set you up on our secure server with your own area including full instructions, your dedicated Delivery Manager will be on hand to talk you through the simple process.

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